Volunteer Directory

Directory of Activities

By searching the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) Directory, students will be able to quickly determine:

  • What activities are currently available
  • On which campus the activity takes place
  • The duration of the activity
  • The responsibilities involved in being a participant (note: this description also appears o the CCR)
  • The average weekly time commitment
  • The minimum number of participation hours that must be completed before they can request to add the activity to their CCR
  • The name of the Canadore faculty or staff member they should contact to learn more about becoming a participant
  • The learning outcomes (areas of development) associated with each activity

Students are presented with four search options on the CCR website, the two most popular are Category Search and Learning Outcome Search.  The other two are Search by Keyword/Time Commitment and Search by Activity.


Category Search

  • A CCR activity will appear under one category title only
  • Activities listed under a Faculty category may only be available to students in a specific program, please contact the activity leader for more information


Learning Outcome Search

  • Canadore’s CCR activities provide students with the opportunity to achieve targeted learning outcomes (areas of development) as a result of their participation in the activity
  • The learning outcomes associated with each activity can be found within the activity’s description
  • Under the (Resource) tab students will find a downloadable pdf for each learning outcome.  Each document contains a description of the learning outcome and a list of achievement statements associated with that learning outcome.



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Employer Relations Coordinator
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