Office of Inclusion and Diversity

Canadore College welcomes and supports all individuals no matter their religion, race, level of ability or sexual orientation.

As part of the College’s commitment to delivering on our promise of graduating employable, well-rounded, world leaders, the Office of Inclusion and Diversity will further enhance students’ personal, academic, and social development as they transition in, through and beyond their post-secondary careers.  

Our Services

  • Campus celebrations of equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Promotion of events, holidays, community involvement and campus clubs
  • Customized classroom presentations and workshops
  • Guidance on hosting inclusive, accessible and equitable events 
  • Staff equity training 
  • First Generation Services
  • Multi-Faith Meditation Room


Multi-Faith Meditation Room

meditation room

Canadore College has a growing diverse population and to maintain an inclusive campus, the Multi-Faith Meditation Room (B106, College Drive) is an optional space where individuals can practice all religious and spiritual beliefs in a respectful environment. 

The space has a neutral design allowing individuals to practice their beliefs whether it's meditation, prayer, yoga, or any other religious beliefs for students and staff. Please review the guidelines before entering the room. 

Want to start an initiative, influence change or have a celebration on campus?  Visit Katie in the Office of Inclusion and Diversity.

Katie Fabbro
Office of Inclusion and Diversity
Welcome Centre, G223
705.474.7600 ext. 5134        


Apr 23 11:30 AM - Apr 23 12:30 PM
Dog Therapy - Commerce Court
Apr 25 - Apr 25
Dog Therapy - College Drive
Apr 26 11:00 AM - Apr 26 12:00 PM
Dog Therapy - Aviation Campus
Apr 27
Winter Term Ends for Most Programs
Apr 30
Spring Term Begins for Most Programs
Apr 30
Spring Term Begins - Office Administration
Apr 30
Winter Term Ends - Aviation Fundamentals
Apr 30 11:30 AM - Apr 30 12:30 PM
Dog Therapy - Commerce Court
May 01
Final Winter Term Grades Due
May 03
Final Winter Term Grades Posted
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