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Aaniin   Boozhoo   Wachiya Shekoli   She:kon  Tansi  Wachay

The KM Indigenous STEAM Land Camp Instructor Training has gone virtual for 2020. If you are a post-secondary student or educator looking to learn—or expand—your knowledge and skill set in the Indigenous STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) fields, then this free 32-hour training pilot is for you.

Offered in partnership with Actua, the training will open the door to opportunities in land-based Indigenous STEAM/STEM programs including day camps, overnight land camps, school workshops and mentorship initiatives.

Training occurs over 6 sessions totalling 32 hours (approximately 22 hours of home-based learning and 10 hours of live sharing circles).

Using the Medicine Wheel for guidance and direction, you’ll learn about Indigenous STEAM  through the unique cultures, histories, knowledges and current realities of Indigenous communities.

You’ll gain skills in leadership, reflection, and community building, preparing you for a number of roles, including teaching and leading a land camp.

You’ll learn from current and past instructors, Knowledge Keepers and Elders—and build community with your fellow participants.

You’ll have fun with activities and tasks you do at home, working through each of them on your own schedule in preparation for the live circle. There, you’ll come together virtually with fellow participants to share and reflect. Beyond the scheduled circles, through an online discussion board, you’ll also ask questions, receive support and feedback, and connect with others.

Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a KM Indigenous STEAM Land Camp Instructor Training Certificate of Completion.

Kikandaaswiwin Mookiisin STEAM Instructor Training – Virtual Pilot
(Indigenous Land-based Experiential Learning)


Course Code : KMS 100 STEAM Instructor Training

CRN 32528

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For more information on the Kikandaaswiwin Mookiisin (KM) Indigenous STEAM Program, please call or email:

Tammy Dokis
Indigenous STEAM Coordinator,
First Peoples’ Centre, Canadore College
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