All in the Timing by David Ives - Monty Python meets Samuel Beckett!!

Thirty years ago, David Ives arrived on the New York theatre scene with a bang when his evening of short comic plays, All in the Timing, opened off Broadway, where they remained for some 600 plus performances.

The world of David Ives is a very odd place, and his plays constitute a virtual stress test of the English language, where Monty Python meets Samuel Beckett. As the title suggests, "timing is everything" in human conversation, relationships, and in life itself. With verve and humor, Ives provides an accessible peek into the wacky, often absurd, world of our daily lives, and always, as good drama should, with a bit of a twist.

The seven short plays are all comedies focusing mainly on language and wordplay, existentialist perspectives on the meaning of life, as well as the complications involved in romantic relationships. Ive’s characters plunge into black holes called “Philadelphias,” Chimps named Milton, Swift, and Kafka are locked in a room and made to re-create Hamlet. A con man peddles courses in a dubious language called Unamunda, post-modernist and minimalist composer Philip Glass is spoofed, dating rituals are interrupted by the literal bell of social commentary.

Love stories and laughter, the perfect online pandemic escape.

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The Seven Shorts

Bill and Betty meet in a cafe and find their way through a conversational minefield as an offstage bell interrupts their false starts, gaffes, and faux pas on the way to falling in love.

BILL                                Tim Collins Squire

BETTY                            Myah Dougan

Words, Words, Words recalls the philosophical adage that three monkeys typing into infinity will sooner or later produce Hamlet and asks: What would monkeys talk about at their typewriters?

MILTON                         Cassie Wilson

SWIFT                            Tim Collins Squire

KAFKA                           Tessa Barton

The Universal Language brings together Dawn, a young woman with a stutter, and Don, the creator and teacher of Unamunda, a wild comic language. Their lesson sends them off into a dazzling display of hysterical verbal pyrotechnics—and, of course, true love.

DAWN                            Matty Board

DON                                Myah Dougan

YOUNG PERSON          Cassie Wilson

The Philadelphia presents a young man in a restaurant who has fallen into “a Philadelphia,” a Twilight Zone-like state in which he cannot get anything he asks for.

AL                                   Tim Collins Squire

WAITRESS                     Matty Board

MARK                             Cassie Wilson

English Made Simple is the story of a couple named Jack and Jill who meet at a party. As the night progresses, it becomes apparent that the two knew each other, and were even involved romantically, before this night at the party. Meanwhile, a college English professor explains what the couple is really thinking as they talk to each other.

JILL                                 Tessa Barton

JACK                               Tim Collins Squire

INSTRUCTOR                Myah Dougan

Mitch is a young guy talking to a girl in a bar. She’s nice, but he’s got this sort of confession, see. There’s something she ought to know - on the inside, he isn’t really a guy at all. He’s an Olivetti electric self-correcting typewriter

MITCH                            Cassie Wilson

GIRL                               Tessa Barton

Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread is a parodic musical vignette in trademark Glassian style, with the celebrated composer having a moment of existential crisis in a bakery.

GLASS                            Tim Collins Squire

BAKER                           Matty Board

FIRST WOMAN             Cassie Wilson

SECOND WOMAN        Myah Dougan


Maureen Cassidy, Ben Leggett, Gerald Gallinger, Mary Anne Holinshed, Chantal Mailloux. Yura Monestime, Quinn Pelletier