Health and Wellness

Campus Health Services

The Campus Health Services provides students with convenient access to a wide array of medical services: medical assessment and treatment, health education and promotion, immunization clinics and walk-in clinic. 

Campus Dental Clinic

Canadore's on-campus dental hygiene clinic is run by Dental Hygiene faculty, staff and students and offers a variety of services to patients. 

Light Therapy Lounge

Equipped with specialty daylight spectrum lighting and lamps, our Light Therapy Lounge is designed to help combat health challenges like seasonal affective disorder, generic lack of energy, depression and insomnia. 

Health Care Coverage

  • OHIP
    The Ontario Health Insurance Plan - you must present your OHIP card at each visit to the Campus Health Centre. The Campus Health Centre accepts all other provincial health cards (also to be presented at each visit).

  • International Health Care Plan (Canadore)
    Destination Travel Inc,, underwritten by the Caldron group is accepted for emergencies only. Some appointments are billed directly to the student who can then submit to their insurance for payment. Destination Travel Group

  • University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP - Nipissing)
    The University Health Insurance Plan is for all international students (excluding IELP students) and accepted by the Health Centre.

Student Health Plan 

  • Who is covered?
    Registered full-time students are automatically enrolled in the health plan effective September 1 or January 1, depending on which semester you begin your studies. 

    If you withdraw from all classes and thereby are no longer a student of Canadore College, the Health Plan will no longer cover you effective immediately upon your withdrawal date.

    September Start students have until September 30th at 4:00 pm to select their plan.
    January Start students have until January 30th at 4:00 pm to select their plan. - your source for everything you need to know about your Student Health Insurance Plan