COVID-19 Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions - International

Please be advised that the Spring 2020 (May) program intake for the North Bay campuses will be suspended and students who have applied to that term will be deferred to the September 2020 or subsequent intake as requested.

The May intake for our Toronto campuses will go ahead as planned on May 11, 2020. Due to the situation created by COVID-19, students are not allowed on campus, and as such, the delivery method for the May intake will be via on-line learning.  This will apply to all students, whether in-country or out-of-country.  New students will be contacted shortly regarding the virtual orientation session, registration and schedules.  

For students who are concerned about how distance learning/on-line learning might affect their status or their post graduate work permit, you are advised to review the information posted on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. It states: "If your in-class courses are being moved to an online-only format because of COVID-19, your eligibility for the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Program won’t be affected. This includes students who have a study permit or who have been approved for a study permit for a program starting in May or June but who are unable to travel to Canada at this time due to travel restrictions. International students in this situation may begin their classes while outside Canada and may complete up to 50% of their program while outside Canada if they cannot travel to Canada sooner."


Some students who have obtained their study permit have indicated their desire to still come to Canada for the May intake.  Canadore does not recommend that students attempt to travel to Canada at this time.  If this is still your intention, we urge you to give serious consideration to the information provided below:

  • given the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 in Canada, the risk of contracting the disease  is considered high. 
  • travel bans and lockdowns are still in place in many countries and timelines are very fluid, changing every couple of weeks
  • flights are expensive if even available
  • upon arrival in Canada there is a mandated 14-day self-isolation period for which each student needs to pre-arrange their accommodation and means of obtaining groceries/essential supplies
  • jobs will be hard to find as there are currently millions of people in Canada out of work
  • in many countries access to financial institutions is limited making it difficult for students to access money
  • some students and even their entire families have lost jobs, meaning that financial support from families is no longer available to them


Students who are not able to begin their studies via on-line learning or who prefer to wait, may defer their start date to the September 2020 intake. If your fees are already paid they will automatically be transferred to the next intake

Decisions are being made daily amid the current changing environment. Should you have additional questions please contact

We will continue to provide updates as decisions are finalized and encourage students to continue to look at the college website for updates.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions as of March 27, 2020

Yes, students may email with their request to defer their offer.  Agents may also send deferral requests on behalf of students to

Immediately – students should indicate their intent to attend Fall 2020 intake in order to secure their seat.

No. Students may defer to September 2020 or a subsequent intake at the North Bay campus.

Yes, students can apply for a refund. The refund process is significantly delayed during this time and could take longer than the usual 6 - 8 weeks.

Yes, if a student wishes to defer to September 2020 they should e-mail with their request to defer their offer.  Agents may also send deferral requests on behalf of students to

Since the spring intake is cancelled in North Bay, students should not book their flight tickets. If students have already booked their tickets, they should cancel or change the date of their tickets for the September intake but only after receipt of their letter of deferral. 

Students who will be joining our Canadore@Stanford Toronto campuses and have already made their flight bookings should wait for further notice from our end before making any changes to their existing bookings. Students who have yet to book their flights should wait for further notice from the College to learn the exact start date. If you do go ahead and book your flights, try to ensure that your tickets are refundable in the event that you become ill or need to change your travel plans.  You may also want to hold off on making any payments for accommodation at this time, unless your payment can be deferred to a later date.  We will be reaffirming Spring Semester start-dates for Canadore@Stanford as soon as possible.

It is recommended that you inquire with your local consulate or country travel advisories prior to any travel.  On March 20, 2020, the Canadian Government announced that international students who held a valid study permit, or had been approved for a study permit, when the travel restrictions took effect on March 18, 2020 will be exempted from the current travel restrictions. All individuals entering from out-of-country are mandated to isolate for 14 days upon their arrival in Canada. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRRC) will announce when the exemptions are in place. Those affected should not try to travel to Canada immediately.

Yes. This is why you MUST arrange your accommodation before arriving in Canada. You will need to proceed there directly from the airport. Accommodation arrangements are the student’s responsibility. 

Please visit the Immigration-Refugees-Citizenship webpage for additional info:

The last date to register and start attending classes is 10 days past the official start date. Should the intake start date change students will be notified via email. Given the advisories issued by the government of Canada, all travelers from outside Canada must be prepared to self-isolate for 14 days upon their arrival.

In such a scenario we will be issuing a letter from the College to all students which will explain the change in start date. Revised LOA's will not be issued.

The Flywire receipt doesn't mention the intake and so the same receipt can be used for Immigration and Visa Filing purpose. The amount that you have paid remains on your student account.

Only students who have an active May 2020 Offer of Admission for Canadore@Stanford Toronto campuses should proceed with payment.

Only students who have an active May 2020 Offer of Admission for Canadore@Stanford Toronto campuses should proceed to apply for their Study Visa.

Yes, the College will allow you an extra 4 weeks to make your payment.  Please make your request to

Canadore is currently exploring other options. Once we have solidified our approach to a replacement test we will provide you with this information. We will email you directly and place the information directly on the website.

Currently there are so many travel restrictions in place that it may not be possible to get a return flight.  Also, many countries have imposed a 14-day self-isolation period for travelers arriving from out-of-country.  Most important, your international student health insurance is valid everywhere in the world, except for your country of origin.  But if you must go home, please visit the Canadian Government’s Travel Abroad webpage:

Our International students have very good health insurance coverage and are eligible for medically necessary treatment as per the normal terms and conditions of their policy.  Updates re COVID-19 are available on the website:

Not at this time.  As the COVID-19 pandemic situation changes daily, the College must take into consideration the health and safety of our community while we plan our convocation ceremonies.  We understand that you are anxious to make travel arrangements for your family and our website will be updated with our plans for convocation once decisions have been finalized.  All convocations have been deferred to Fall 2020 and no dates for the events have been set.

The payment deadline for students returning to study in Semester 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6  in Spring 2020 will be adjusted to April 15, 2020, in order to assist with banking challenges during mandated isolation periods in certain regions. If required, we will adjust this date further.  Any adjustments to this date will be communicated via our important dates and deadlines list on the website and via regular communications channels such as email and social media.

Students should contact residence to have their application deferred to Fall 2020. All Spring semester bookings can be deferred to September 2020.

Yes, they can apply for a refund directly with residence.  Please contact with your request or any questions.